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Tuesday 4th December 2018             Wednesday 23 January 2019
        Building L&D Skills:                  The North West Regional Skills
        The Art of the Digital                Agenda: Solving the Productivity

       Group:  Business HR Group             Group:  Labour Market
       Speakers:  Facilitated by Mike Collins & Mike Shaw  Speakers:  Joint CIPD & Local Enterprise Partners (LEP)
       Speakers’ Backgrounds:  Mike Collins is a Senior Digital
       Learning Specialist at River Island and Mike Shaw is Head   Speakers’ Backgrounds:  The best public and private
       of L&D for Signature, part of Mitie plc  sector partners promote, co-ordinate and deliver
                                             business support based on local needs, working in
       Venue:  Central Manchester TBC        partnership with the Department for Business, Energy
       Time:  17:30 for 18:00 Close 20:00    and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).
                                             Venue:  Manchester Metropolitan University Business
       Description of Event:  This hands-on event will explore
       the role of digital learning and the associated tools that   School, All Saints, Oxford Rd, Manchester, M15 6BH
       are increasingly part of the learning professional’s toolkit.   Time:  18:00 for 18:30 Close 20:00
       During the evening we will think about our technology
       needs for the coming year and try out a range of tools to   Description of Event:  The session will present an
       help identify potential use and impact in helping improve   overview of both skills supply and demand in the region
       performance in our organisations.     and consider how mechanisms to align these can help
                                             address productivity challenges in the North West.
       Cost:  CIPD Members FREE / Non Members £15
                                             Cost:  CIPD Members FREE / Non Members £15
       Organiser Contact:
       Rachel Burnham                        Organiser Contact:    Professor Carol Atkinson

        Book Here:                            Reserve Your Place:
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        Refreshments:                         Refreshments:
         Hot drinks &                          Sandwich
          biscuits                               buffet

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