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                        Branch Events 2018/19

     Date      Theme       Title                      Group               Times
     11-Sep-18  Modern Working   The Role of the Manager in Wellbeing  Wellbeing Focus Group  17:30
     20-Sep-18  Labour Market  The Status of EU Nationals -   Public Policy Panel  17:45
                           Brexit Update
     25-Sep-18  Skills     Building L&D Skills: Applying Design   L&D Group  17:30
                           Thinking to L&D
     28-Sep-18  Inclusion  Making Flexibility a Reality for All  Joint event CIPD/ACAS  17:30
     10-Oct-18  Modern Working   Driving Productivity in SMEs  Labour Market  18:00
     30-Oct-18  Skills     Banishing the Nightmare of   L&D Group         17:30
                           Compliance Training - Cake Camp
     07-Nov-18  Modern Working   Managing Cancer in the Workplace  CIPD ACE  07:45
               Practices                              Breakfast Meeting
     13-Nov-18  Modern Working   The Incredible 12-Week Marketing Plan   Business HR Group  18:30
               Practices   (HR Edition)
     04-Dec-18  Skills     Building L&D Skills:       L&D Group           17:30
                           The Art of the Digital
     22-Jan-19  Governance   Annual Employment Law Masterclass   Employment Law  09:15
               Risk & Reward  2019 Sponsored by Eversheds Sutherland
     23-Jan-19  Labour Market  Solving the Productivity Puzzle  Labour Market  18:00
                           (North West Regional Skills Agenda)
     14-May-19  Skills     The Organisational Value of   Joint OD & L&D Group  18:30
                           Performance Consulting
     23-May-19  Governance   Key Contemporary Ethical HR Risks  Fellows Group  18:00
               Risk & Reward  Fellows Roundtable

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