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Thursday 18th January    2018         Saturday 3rd February 2018
        Engaged Teams and                     Kick start your HR and
        Organisational Success                L&D career!

       Group:   Manchester Central           Group:  Student
       Speaker:  Gary Hewins                 Speaker:  Sara Russell
       Speaker Background:  Having worked    Speaker Background:  Sara Russell is
       for 32 years in the nuclear industry   a Senior Careers Consultant with
       and subsequently with Steve           many years of experience supporting
                                Speaker                               Speaker
       McDermott training top teams in   Gary Hewins  students to achieve their full potential.   Sara Russell
       Harrods, VistaPrint and Arco, Gary    Achieved through designing and
       then worked in-house for CIPD until   delivering practical workshops and
       2016, before setting up his own       presentations; engaging with local
       business, Teams UnLimited, in 2017.   businesses to secure projects; and
                                             offering coaching and support
       Venue:  The Peninsula, Victoria Place,   during these live business projects.
       Manchester, M4 4FB
                                Organiser                             Organiser
       Time:  6.00pm for 6.30pm start   Nigel Crebbin  Venue:  The Castlefield Hotel,   Shyamenda
                                             Liverpool Road, Manchester,
       until 8.00pm approx                                            Purslow
                                             M3 4JR
       Description of Event:  “Having the ‘smartest guys in the
       room’ won’t do you much good if they can’t work with  Time:  10.30am for 11.00am start
                                             until 1.00pm approx
       others effectively.  We need to rethink how we approach
       talent.” Forbes Magazine, 2015        Description of Event:  Make 2018 the year you pursue
                                             your dream career! With advice on career planning, CV
       Managers in today’s workplace are constantly having to  writing and applying for jobs this session is a one-stop-
       make decisions involving people and teams.
                                             shop to kick start your HR and L&D career.
       This interactive presentation will look at how we can
       enable organisations to build the best teams and  Cost:  CIPD Members FREE* / Non Members £15
       empower them to perform to their full potential. It will  Organiser Contact:
       show the importance of and methods for assessing the  Shyamenda Purslow, 07897546458
       behavioural contribution individuals make to teams, rather
       than relying on gut instinct or abstract individual
       psychometric tests.
       Cost:  CIPD Members FREE* / Non Members £15
       Organiser Contact:
       Nigel Crebbin, 07710 086561
       Eventbrite link:

        Refreshments:                         Refreshments:
         Tea, coffee &                         Coffee and
          biscuits                              Biscuits

       *CIPD Members £15 fee for non-attendance or late cancellation.  *CIPD Members £15 fee for non-attendance or late cancellation.

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