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Forthcoming Events & Special Interest Groups

       Solo HR Practitioners Group

       Sarah Chadbourne
       Solo HR Practitioners Group

       Our solo group continues to grow in numbers   In addition to providing great networking
       and experience. Although mostly sole HR   opportunities and a knowledge-sharing forum,
       practitioners, our group also attracts HR   the group organises practical workshops in which
       professionals working across a broad range of   we explore key workplace issues and solutions,
       industry sectors and sizes. Members are usually   facilitated by expert speakers.
       in environments without the day to day support
       of a corporate HR department, with the majority   Our first event will focus on day-to-day GDPR
       operating as the single source of HR expertise,   compliance and how HR practitioners can guide
       within their organisation.           the business, subject access requests, avoid and
                                            deal with data breaches.
       We provide an opportunity for members to
       explore the challenges faced by solo practitioners   Solo group events are invitation only.
       and share solutions to common problems   If you wish to join our solo group please contact
       encountered at work.                 us at

       HR Issues Forum

       Sharon De Mascia
       HR Issues Forum

       The HR Issues forum is a collaboration between
       the CIPD Manchester Branch and the Alliance
       Manchester Business School where we bring
       together the latest research and explore its
       impact on HR practice.

       This Autumn we will be meeting to consider
       how employers can comply with Employment
       Charters and the Living Wage and in Spring
       we will focus on the implications of an ageing
       Keep an eye on our social media channels for
       confirmation of dates and times.

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