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Wednesday 7th March 2018              Thursday 19th April 2018
        Trends in Performance                 The Value of Organisational
        Management                            Development in a Complex and
                                              Uncertain World

       Group:  HR Leaders Forum              Group:  Altrincham
       Speaker:  Victoria Quek               Speaker:  Roger Chapman
       Speaker Background:  Senior HR        Speaker Background:  Having a
       Leader, Barclays Bank                 passion for organisational
       Venue:  Manchester Metropolitan   Speaker  development and coaching Roger’s   Speaker
       University Business School, All Saints,  Victoria Quek  career over the last 20 years has   Roger Chapman
                                             involved supporting businesses and
       Oxford Rd, Manchester, M15 6BH
                                             individuals to improve, develop and
       Time:  6.00pm until 8.30pm approx     grow.  His experience relates to
                                             practical implementation of
       Description of Event:  We will discuss
       latest trends in performance          organisational change and coaching
       management with a presentation        using a variety of models to deliver
       from Vicky Quek, a senior HR leader   Organiser  business improvement and personal   Organiser
                                Carol Atkinson
       at Barclays Bank.                     growth.
                                             Venue:  Best Western, Cresta
       We will discuss how far effective performance
       management design and implementation can bring about  Court Hotel, Church Street, Altrincham,
                                             WA14 4DP
       and embed meaningful cultural change. Barclays, along
       with many other financial institutions, has undergone  Time:  6.00pm for 6.30pm start
       significant change since the financial crisis and its  until 8.30pm approx
       response to those challenges has focused largely on  Description of Event:  Traditional hierarchical command
       culture, with HR playing a pivotal role in many respects.
                                             and control models can’t handle the increasing levels of
       Cost:  CIPD Members FREE* / Non Members £15  complexity and uncertainty we face.  Never has there been
       Organiser Contact:                    a more urgent need for Organisational Development to
       Carol Atkinson, 07794 983122          create a new leadership and management paradigm.                There is the opportunity for HR professionals working with
                                             senior leaders to reinvent the workplace.
                                             We will explore the latest thinking on the subject, share
                                             examples and discuss the practical challenges.  You will
                                             leave with an appreciation of the Organisational
                                             Development that is necessary in the 21st Century
                                             Cost:  CIPD Members FREE* / Non Members £15
                                             Organiser Contact:
                                             Neal Chamberlain, 07505 994492
       Eventbrite link:
        Refreshments:                         Refreshments:
          Sandwich                           Sandwich buffet,
           buffet                              tea &  coffee

       *CIPD Members £15 fee for non-attendance or late cancellation.  *CIPD Members £15 fee for non-attendance or late cancellation.

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