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Forthcoming Events & Special Interest Groups

       Public Policy Group

       Rachel Burnham & Emma Sprawson
       Public Policy Group

       The Public Policy group is for experienced HR   Chatham House Rule, so that members feel able
       professionals who are interested in public policy   to express their views.
       issues relating to HR, such as employment law,
       skills policy and EU migration.      Our Public Policy Group holds its first meeting
                                            on 20th September with a Brexit update on the
       The meetings are an opportunity to contribute   Status of EU Nationals. We will hold a minimum
       and share your experience, whilst learning and   of three additional Public Policy Panels over the
       networking at the same time. Meetings are a   next 12 months, all in Manchester City Centre.
       great way to keep ahead of changes in legislation   All meetings begin with refreshments and
       & government policy.                 networking from 17:45pm. Sessions begin at
                                            18:00pm and conclude no later than 20:00pm.
       We regularly contribute to the formation of CIPD   Details of meetings will be publicised in our
       policy and have also taken part in research for   monthly newsletter with links to our Eventbrite
       other organisations and universities. We welcome   booking page.
       new people and all meetings are held under the

       Membership & Upgrading

       George Whalley
       Membership Advisor

       We are committed to supporting our members   Why CIPD Membership is important
       in successfully upgrading their membership
       level.  We will hold quarterly membership   Having CIPD membership inspires confidence
       and upgrading events throughout 2018/19.   with employers, clients and peers, and helps
       During these events, delegates will participate   to further your career. Membership enables
       in interactive workshops designed to inform   you to save time researching and find answers
       members about the various membership levels   to everyday HR/L&D issues affecting your
       and upgrading routes available.        organisation.
       George Whalley, former Manchester Branch Chair   CIPD members have access to exclusive
       and Council Representative is our dedicated   networks, branch events, communities and
       Membership Advisor, together with Sophie Tothill,   confidential legal advice lines. Being a CIPD
       Vice-Chair.                            member enables you to stay up-to-date
                                              with the latest in HR and L&D information
       For more information subscribe to our newsletter   Manchester@cipdbranch.
       or visit our Eventbrite bookings page.

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