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Signet Group


       Signet Group for independent consultants  has been renamed as
       ‘Business HR’ and although the topics are chosen to help
       independent consultants, all CIPD members  are welcome.
       Non-members can also attend for a small fee.

       HR Issues Forum

       The HR Issues Forum is a collaboration between the CIPD
       Manchester Branch and the Alliance Manchester Business
       School. There will be three HR Issues Forums each year
       and the purpose of these Forums is to bring together the
       latest research and explore its impact on HR practice. The
       Forums typically start at 8.00 am with refreshments and
       networking. There will then be an academic speaker and a            Speaker
       practitioner speaker, followed by table discussions.              Ayson Fadil
       Events finish at 10.00 am.

       Next Event

       13th September 2017 (Eversheds Manchester).
       ‘Getting HR On Boards’.                                            Susan Yell


       Susan Yell (HR Director, Warburtons), Ayson Fadil
       (People Director, Missguided), Neal Chamberlin (Lead                Speaker
       staff Learning & Development Partner at the University of      Neal Chamberlain 
       Manchester), academic speaker to be confirmed’

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