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Forthcoming Events & Special Interest Groups

       Business HR Group

       Liz Needham
       Business HR

       Liz joined our committee in June 2018 (after   You can help shape the events we deliver locally
       serving as an ambassador) and is reinvigorating   in Manchester and we will also represent your
       our Business HR group for self-employed   needs and views to the CIPD to inform wider
       HR/L&D Professionals and those who run micro   initiatives.
       HR businesses.
                                            We have a number of events planned beginning
       The group provides a forum for CIPD members   with the Incredible 12-week Marketing Plan (HR
       and non-members, whether new or established,   Edition) in November.  Please get in touch so we
       who work alone or run small, independent HR   can understand your needs better.
       We welcome engagement from members and
       non-members alike and want to hear from you
       about what support you need to deliver more
       impact as an HR professional.

       The North of England

       Conference  #CIPDNAP19

       21 - 22 June 2019

       The Northern Area Partnership Annual Conference is now known as the North of England Annual
       Conference and is an event not to be missed. We will have a whole series of keynotes and themed
       workshops over the two days. If you have not attended CIPDNAP before we highly recommend
       coming along. The conference is noted as one of the friendliest HR conferences, and all ten northern
       branches come together as a real community.

       You may not know anyone on arrival, but we guarantee that you’ll leave
       having made new friends and contacts. We recommend packing
       your dancing shoes too! Tickets are now available so take advantage   Book Here:
       of our current early-bird prices.

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