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Rachel Burnham
       Cathy Cole

       Public Policy Group

       We have a minimum of three meetings a year,
       usually in October, February and June, with additional
       meetings as required.  For details, check CIPD
       Manchester on Eventbrite.
       Networking from 5.45 pm.
       Event commences at 6.00pm Finishes 8.00 pm

       Central Manchester

       Event Details

       The Public Policy Panel is for experienced HR
       professionals who are interested in public policy issues relating to HR.
       Our meetings are an opportunity to keep ahead of the game in terms of employment law and other
       topical public policy issues, e.g. EU Migration Policy.   They are an opportunity to contribute and share
       your experience, whilst learning and networking at the same time.  We regularly contribute to the
       formation of CIPD public policy through our discussions with national CIPD policy advisers.  These
       meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule, so that members feel able to express their views.
       We are always keen to welcome new people.


       Rachel Burnham:
       Cathy Cole:


       Free event but please see                                 Refreshments:
       branch cancellation policy at                              Snacks and
                                                                  biscuits, plus
                                                                   hot drinks.
       Non-Members £15.00

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