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Tuesday 19th September 2017           Tuesday 3rd October 2017
        Tactics in Termination: Effective     You’re The Business:
        Use of Protected Conversations        Tips To Help You
        and Settlement Agreements             Grow & Prosper

       Group:  Manchester Central            Group:  Business HR
       Speakers:  Pam McColl & Jennifer      Speaker:  Ann Davies
       McCarthy, Conway McColl
                                             Speaker Background:  Not content
       Speakers’ Backgrounds:  Pam McColl    with establishing and running someone
       worked at the Employment Tribunal     else’s business for over 10 years, Ann
                                Speaker                               Speaker
       and ACAS and as head of employment   Pam McColl   decided to break away to set up her   Ann Davies
       at a Manchester firm, before setting   own social media training ad marketing
       up the specialist employment law firm,   consultancy in 2011.  Educated with
       Conway McColl Solicitors.             the Chartered Institute of Marketing,
                                             Ann and her team work with all
       Jennifer McCarthy has been an
       employment solicitor for over 20      business sectors from small start-ups
                                             through to large national organizations,
       years and is also an accredited
                                Speaker      globally.                Organiser
       mediator, specialising in workplace   Jennifer McCarthy        Sharon De Mascia
       disputes.                             Venue:  Eversheds House, 70 Great
                                             Bridgewater St, Manchester, M1 5ES
       Venue:  Hays, Floor 4, City Tower,
       Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester, M1 4BT  Time:  6.00pm for 6.30pm start until 8.00pm approx
       Time:  6.00pm for 6.30pm start        Description of Event:  This workshop will reveal the skills
       until 8.00pm approx                   and tools needed to help your business grow and prosper.
       Description of Event:  This interactive ` Organiser  Robert Kiyosaki once said, “Successful people don’t fear
                                             failure, but understand it’s necessary to learn and grow
       workshop session will explore the   Nigel Crebbin
                                             from” and when it comes to running your own business,
       practical aspects of using protected
                                             there will be failures along with successes.
       conversations and settlement agreements to terminate an
       employee's contract and delegates will come away with a  Ann Davies, owner of BizWizUK, social media marketing
       clearer understanding of what often is a tricky topic.    agency, will talk you through:
       The workshop will include information   • The value of a business plan whatever stage in your
       on: when protected conversations are appropriate; tactical  business
       tips on how to approach them; practical advice on what  • Focus, Focus and Focus
       settlement to offer; and guidance on what should be  • The value in LinkedIn as a business development tool
       included in any settlement agreement.   • Let it go and let it grow – don’t do it all yourself
                                             • Charge for what you ARE worth
       The workshop will also explore the potential pitfalls and
       how to minimise the risk of Employment Tribunal claims.   Cost:  CIPD Members FREE* / Non Members £15
       Cost:  CIPD Members FREE* / Non Members £15  Organiser Contact:
                                             Sharon De Mascia,
       Organiser Contact:
       Nigel Crebbin,  07771 870 547
       07710 086561
       Eventbrite link:                      Eventbrite link:
       effective-use-of-protected-conversations-and-  to-help-you-grow-prosper-tickets-35929435910?aff=es2
        Refreshments:                         Refreshments:
         Tea, coffee                            Sandwich
          & biscuits                             buffet
       *CIPD Members £15 fee for non-attendance or late cancellation.  *CIPD Members £15 fee for non-attendance or late cancellation.

     06                    @cipdmanchester                 CIPD – Manchester
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