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Thursday 5th October 2017             Tuesday 10th October 2017
        HR Leaders Forum:                     Managing an Age Diverse
        Mentoring                             Workforce:  Challenges and

       Group:  HR Leaders                    Group:  Stockport
       Speakers:  Dr Helen Woolnough, Andy   Speaker:  Susan Raftery
       Hall and one other speaker, to be     Speaker Background:  Susan joined
                                             ACAS in 2009 after being a law firm
       Speakers’ Backgrounds:  Dr Helen      partner and practising solicitor,
                                Speaker                               Speaker
       Woolnough from Manchester   Dr Helen  specialising in Employment Law.   Susan Raftery
       Metropolitan University, Growing   Woolnough  Susan is a qualified trainer delivering
       Routes for Women’s Leadership         ACAS training on both Open Access
                                             Events and within organisations across
       Andy Hall is an award winning Mentor   the North West. She is also part of the
       and a Mentoring Advisor for the       ACAS Collective Conciliation Team
       Business Growth Hub in Manchester.
                                             Venue:  Fred Perry Conference Suite 1,  Organiser
       Venue:  Manchester Metropolitan   Speaker  Stockport Town Hall, 70 Edward Street,  Rebecca
       University Business School, All Saints,  Andy Hall   Stockport, SK1 3UR  Westaway
       Oxford Rd, Manchester, M15 6BH
                                             Time:  6.00pm for 6.30pm start
       Time:  6.00pm for 6.30pm start        until 8.30pm approx
       until 8.30pm approx
                                             Description of Event:  The increasingly multigenerational
       Description of Event:  We will discuss   workforce presents some serious challenges for business
       latest trends in mentoring and the    and HR managers. With a general age range from
       personal and professional  benefits   Organiser  between 18 to 80+ the implications are huge in terms of
                                Carol Atkinson
       that can be gained from becoming      dealing with, and meeting, all needs and expectations.
       a mentor.                             Understanding working behaviours across all generations
                                             is vital to creating an efficient and inclusive workplace
       Cost:  CIPD Members FREE* / Non Members £15
                                             During this event, we will
       Organiser Contact:
                                             • explore the different challenges arising when managing
       Carol Atkinson,   across generations, and
       07794 983122
                                             • examine how to capitalise on the opportunities this
                                              diverse workforce can provide.
                                             Join us for what promises to be an informative and
                                             constructive event.
                                             Cost:  CIPD Members FREE* / Non Members £15
                                             Organiser Contact:
                                             Rebecca Westaway, Stockport Events Leader
                                             Twitter @rebeccaHRM
       Eventbrite link:                      Eventbrite link:
       mentoring-tickets-36952534024         diverse-workforce-challenges-and-opportunities-tickets-
        Refreshments:                         Refreshments:
          Sandwich                             Coffee, tea,
           buffet                               water &
       *CIPD Members £15 fee for non-attendance or late cancellation.  *CIPD Members £15 fee for non-attendance or late cancellation.

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