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Saturday 28th October 2017            Thursday 9th November 2017
        Student Event -                       An Age of
        Introducing HR and Alumni             Opportunity!

       Group:  Student                       Group:  Bolton
       Speakers:  Panel of speakers          Speaker:  Jane Barmer
       Speakers’ Backgrounds:  Speakers will   Speaker Background:  Jane is a
       come from a variety of backgrounds.   baby boomer and co-founder of
       Venue:  The Castlefield Hotel  Organiser  Kingswood Age Confident – a   Speaker
       Liverpool Road, Manchester, M3 4JR  Shyamenda  training and consultancy company   Jane Barmer
                                Purslow      specialising in assisting organisations
       Time:  10.00am for 10.30am start      to improve leadership and practice
       until 12.30pm approx                  impacting on the engagement of
                                             older employees, customers and
       Description of Event:  Meeting HR alumni at varying
       stages of their careers for practical insights on what to  volunteers.
       expect during studies and after. Suitable for those  Venue:  Mecure Bolton Georgian
       commencing or considering undergraduate and  House Hotel, BL6 5RU  Organiser
       postgraduate study in HR. A great opportunity to socialize
                                             Time:  6.30pm for 7.00pm start   Lennie
       with graduates, professionals and current students.
                                             until 9pm approx
       Cost:  CIPD Members FREE* /
                                             Description of Event:  30% of employees are already
       Non Members £15
                                             aged 50 or over. As people live longer and the population
       Organiser Contact:                    continues to age, older people have become the fastest
       Shyamenda Purslow,  07897546458       growing group in both the workforce and customer base.
                                             The workshop will inspire participants to rethink tactics for
                                             boosting business success in an ageing world. It will
                                             consider business opportunities and challenges from
                                             demographic change and explore how age confident
                                             approaches can help drive business performance.
                                             Cost:  CIPD Members FREE* / Non Members £20
                                             Organiser Contact:
                                             Sarah-Jane Lennie, 07967411463

        Refreshments:                         Refreshments:
         Coffee and                           Tea & Coffee &
          Biscuits                             Sandwiches

       *CIPD Members £15 fee for non-attendance or late cancellation.  *CIPD Members £15 fee for non-attendance or late cancellation.

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