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Tuesday 30th October 2018             Tuesday 13th November 2018
        Cake Camp – Banishing the             The Incredible 12-Week
        Nightmare of Compliance               Marketing Plan – HR Edition

       Group:  L&D Group                     Group:  Business HR
       Speakers:  Facilitated by members of CIPD Manchester’s   Speaker:  Rene Power
       L&D team with guest contributors
                                             Speakers’ Backgrounds:  Rene Power works with
       Venue:  Chapter One Books, 19 Lever St, Manchester,    manufacturers, professional services and SMEs to help
       M1 1BY                                them to #MarketWithIntent.  He designs, implements,
                                             coaches, speaks and writes about marketing. He has
       Time: 18:00 for 18:30 Close 20:00     worked with HR Professionals and has an understanding
       Description of Event:  This event will enable you   of the sector.  He has supported organisations with
                                             employer brand and internal communications.
       to rethink, refresh and revitalise your organisation’s
       approach to compliance training (often the ghoul of the   Venue:  TBC
       L&D world). We will be exploring different approaches
       to improving and transforming the way we tackle   Time: 18:00 for 18:30 Close 20:00
       compliance training.
                                             Description of Event: In an interactive and energizing
       Cake Camp is an opportunity to meet other L&D   session, Rene will help HR business owners and
       professionals in the relaxed and informal environment of   independent consultants to understand how to develop a
       a coffee shop to share ideas & experiences.  A team of   12-week marketing plan that really delivers.
       contributors will facilitate the event.  The format is simple;   Cost:  CIPD Members FREE / Non Members £15
       each contributor will have between 10 – 15 minutes to
       host a conversation on an aspect of compliance training.    Organiser Contact:
       Once the time is up, contributors will be asked to move   Liz Needham
       onto the next table to talk about their subject with the
       next group.  The event will come to an end when all the
       groups have had conversations with all the contributors.
       Cost:  CIPD Members FREE / Non Members £15
       Organiser Contact:
       Rachel Burnham

        Reserve Here:                         Save Your Place:
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        a-cake-camp-halloween-special-tickets-  48774656310?aff=Programme

          available to                        Refreshments:
         purchase from the
          coffee shop                            Drinks
         throughout the

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